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My name is Matt Burton.  I am one of the founding members of the AKKPS and it is my honor to serve as a Founding Member Advisor for AKKPS. I was the founding President of the AKKPS and also served as the original Webmaster.

I remain proud of the AKKPS and what it has become since founding it in 2013.  It doesn't seem like nearly a decade has passed already!  So much has happened with the organization over that time.  It has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to serve the KuneKune community as the first member governed registry in the USA.  I said it in the beginning, and it still is true today...this organization would not be what it is today without the great membership that it serves. 

I have a deep passion for the KuneKune breed. I've owned a lot of different types of livestock over the years, but KuneKune pigs are one of the biggest blessings that have ever happened to me.  I remain committed to always do what is best for the KuneKune breed so that these amazing pigs can be enjoyed by many future generations. 

I'm happy to share historical knowledge that I have about the AKKPS and the KuneKune breed with the Board of Directors and the AKKPS membership.

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KuneKune Historian

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AKKPS Public Facebook Coordinator

Brittney was introduced to AKKPS in 2019 when she purchased her first registered breeding stock.  She has been a dedicated member ever since and writes many educational articles for AKKPS.  Her farm, located in Missouri, utilizes KuneKune pigs for pasture raised pork, breeding stock and homestead feeder pigs.  Brittney served on the AKKPS BOD as Vice President.

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AKKPS Online Store Coordinator


Alyssa Smith is located in Virginia and has been an AKKPS Member since July 2020.  At that time her farm was looking into primarily having Nigerian Dwarf goats and decided to get the Kunes for fun. Fast forward to a couple of years later and she has become fully immersed in the KuneKune breed and love working with them and their clients so much. She is a always learning more about this amazing breed and really enjoys mentoring as well. In addition to working full time and helping with the farm, she loves designing and crafting. Alyssa is looking forward to working with the AKKPS members to design and manage the AKKPS merchandise. If you have any design ideas/suggestions please email her!

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