AKKPS Members, Breeders & Exclusive Breeders

Breeder and Member
AKKPS Exclusive Breeder

The AKKPS Provides 2 Types of Searchable Lists:

  1. AKKPS Breeders & Members
    • Includes ALL AKKPS  Breeders and Members
  2. The AKKPS Exclusive Breeders
    • Purpose
      • To Give buyers piece of mind that should they need to use the BUYER REGISTRATION COMPLAINT PROGRAM they are purchasing from a solely AKKPS Breeder which gives AKKPS permission to step in should a breeder not follow through with registration.
      • Promote AKKPS Members that solely register with AKKPS
    • Qualifications
      • Exclusively Litter Notify and Register with AKKPS
      • Complete at least one litter notification for a litter born within 12 months of application
    • Timing
      • Applications are taken year round.
      • The prior 12 months from date of application is used to verify that the qualifications are met.
      • AKKPS Members currently on the AKKPS Exclusive Breeders List do NOT need to reapply, as the current list is audited twice a year to verify that one litter has been litter notified born within the last 12 months and that the member has not registered with any other KuneKune registry.
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Disclaimer:  The AKKPS Members & Breederd listing and the Exclusive Breeders listing on the AKKPS website is not an endorsement of business practices.  AKKPS encourages all buyers to ask questions, consult references, and get a written contract of their agreement regarding registrations.

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