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A Dual Registration is a registration that is issued by AKKPS using another registry's certified pedigree that meets AKKPS requirements.

Pursuant to the September 2023 Society Member Vote result …  Indefinitely, no other New KuneKune registry will be accepted for originating dual registration by the AKKPS other than the ones that are currently accepted which include IKHR/AKPR/AKBA, BKKPS, and The New Zealand KuneKune Association.

Currently AKKPS accepts only Dual Registrations originating from the following registries:

    • AKBA - American KuneKune Breeders Association
    • AKPR - American KuneKune Pig Registry
    • IKHR - International KuneKune Hog Registry
      • All registrations that have UC Davis Parentage DNA throughout pedigree up to the original import
    • BKKPS - British KuneKune Pig Society 
      • new imports only to USA & Canada per Member Vote September 2020
    • New Zealand KuneKune Association 
      • new imports only to USA & Canada
  • The registration from another registry should be the actual registration pedigree certificate.  Screenshots of a herd book are permitted if a certificate is not available.  Ownership is verified using the registries Herd Book.
  • The person submitting the Dual Registration must be the person listed as the owner on the other registry's pedigree certificate.
  • Only Full registrations with parentage DNA verification from UC Davis on pedigree are accepted for Dual Registration.  Meat Pedigrees and Pet Animals are not accepted for Dual Registration.
  • AKKPS only accepts Parentage DNA Verification through UC Davis throughout the pedigree.  No other companies' Parentage DNA Verification will be accepted.  
  • AKKPS will accept a pig that is 1st generation Neogen DNA tested however a new parentage DNA Verification through UC Davis is required at the time of dual registration application by the new owner.
  • If a Dual Registration is being requested from the current owner on the Pedigree and the pig is being transferred to another person besides the owner, it is a 2 step process. 
    1. First the owner of the pig should complete a Dual Registration to themselves.
    2. Second, after the Dual Registration is returned, then the owner completes a Transfer to the new owner.
  • A pig being submitted for Dual Registration may already be in the AKKPS Herd Book in another owner's name due to the pig not being transferred in AKKPS when the pig was previously sold.  AKKPS will look at the date of the pedigree being submitted for dual registration and use the date of the pedigree to verify the current owner.
  • AKKPS reserves the right to to ask for further information on a Dual Registration application for any reason.
  • An imported animal presented for Dual Registration will retain the KuneKune blood line name on the animals original registration papers that are presented for Dual Registration.   The member importing may choose a prefix of their choice to go before the blood line name. The new name will be treated in the AKKPS numbering system as a separate line. (Example BH Tutaki and Tutaki). Should another recognized registry be the registry that accepts the import first, the AKKPS will recognize the blood line name assigned by the recognized registry.
  • The AKKPS does NOT accept any cloned animals or cloned animals in a pedigree for an animal presented for Dual Registration per AKKPS Member Vote.
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