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KuneKune Calculators

KuneKune Feed & Vet Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost of keeping your KuneKunes

COI Calculator

Calculate the Coefficitnt of Inbreeding between pigs in the AKKPS Herd Book

116 Day KuneKune Gestation Calculator

Calculate KuneKune Farrowing Due Date

KuneKune Basics

KuneKune Body Score Chart

The EKPA graciously allowed the AKKPS to use their Body Score Chart and the AKKPS Membership voted to adopt the chart in February of 2024.

KuneKune Breed Standard

Adopted from the BKKPS in 2013.

Pig Terms

Parts of the Pig - Breeding Terms


Selecting a Breeding Boar - Teat Lines - Choosing Breeding Animals - Wattle Gene

Wattle Genetics

Understanding the genetics of wattles

Pigs are Herd Animals

Understanding KuneKunes as Herd Animals

Weighing KuneKunes

Learn How to Properly Weigh a KuneKune

Quarantining KuneKunes

The Importance of Quarantining

DNA Parentage Verification

How DNA is Collected - How Parentage DNA is Determined

Misc Articles

Composting Manure - Why KuneKunes - Moving Pigs - Pigs in Winter Weather - Certified Vet Inspection (CVI) - Buying & Selling KuneKunes

Housing, Shelter & Feed for KuneKunes


Fencing Needs & Ideas

Housing & Shelter

Shelter Needs and Ideas - Winter Shelter


Feeders & Waterers - Pastured Pigs - Grass Fed - Basic Feeding - What Can Pigs Can and Can NOT Have - The Truth About All Stock Feed - Lysine


Grazing Orchards - Frost Seeding - Raising Pigs on Pasture - Cleaning Up Vineyards

Breeding & Farrowing KuneKunes


Re-Introducing the Sow to the Herd - Iron Injections for Piglets - Colostrum - Piglet Destination - Atresia Ani - Heat Cycles - Farrowing - Safety Heat Lamps - Orphaned Pigs - Winter Farrowing - Fundamentals for Farrowing - Preparing for Farrowing - Weaning Piglets - Mothering Abilities - KuneKune Anatomy - Farrowing Stall Set Ups - Farrowing Items List - Keeping Piglets Safe

KuneKune Health


Bio Security - Coccidiosis - Scent Glands - Salt Toxicity - Dippity Pig - Frostbite - Anemia - Hoof Trimming - Jaw Abcesses - Mites & Lice - Temperatures - PEDV - Growth Rate - Zoonoses - Scrotal Hernias - Cryptorchidism - Vaccinations - African Swine Fever (ASF) - Swine Pox - Polydactyly - FerAppease Swine

Giving Injections

Using A Slapshot & Repeater Gun - Injection Sites - Giving Shots

Swine Disease 101 by the USDA for the AKKPS

African Swine Fever - Foot & Mouth Disease - Pseudorabies - PRSS - Circovirus - Gastrointestinal Diseases - Lung Diseases - Reproduction Diseases - Biosecurity

KuneKune Pork Education, Recipes & Cut Pictures

About Pork

Boar Taint - Raising for Meat - Pork Cuts - History of Pork & Pigs - How to Butcher - Taste of Pork - What is Pastured Pork - Rearing KuneKunes for Pork - Leaf Lard - Bone Broth

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