It is VERY IMPORTANT to please keep your MY ANIMALS statuses UPDATED IN THE AKKPS HERD BOOK via the AKKPS Member Portal.

In no way is the AKKPS encouraging or suggesting that all pigs be fully registered with breeding rights. 

All animals that leave your farm should be on Full Registration, Companion Animal or Animal for Harvest pedigrees and should be transferred to the new owner to keep your My Animals up to date in the AKKPS Herd Book.

All 3 registration types are included in the yearly AKKPS Membership Dues. 

When logged into the AKKPS Member Portal go to MY ANIMALS and on each pig's information page you have the option to CHANGE each pig's status.  

In your MY ANIMALS you can also sort by each type of status (pending, full, animals for harvest, companion animals, under observation and deceased).  

For animals that are not fully registered and are moved by the breeder to a status other than Pending - If  the breeder wants to fully register the animal, the breeder can move the animal back to pending to fully register as long as the pig is still in their name. 

It is strongly advised to apply an ID status (ear tag, microchip or tattoo) to ALL animals by the time they are weaned and either fully registered or their status is changed. This way the ID method matches the type of pedigree they are attached to.

The ID method number can be entered when you change the status of the animal or if the pig is fully registered.

Please remember once an animal is harvested, the animal's status should be updated to deceased.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions to registrar@akkps.org

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