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“LOCKING” A Call Name

  • Effective 1/15/23 AKKPS allows the owner of a pig to change a pig's call name regardless of whether it has progeny or not. 
  • Call Names are important to some members and some “iconic” pigs are known by their call name.
  • It is for this reason that AKKPS has added a feature to AKKPS Member Portal to allow the CURRENT OWNER of a pig to “LOCK” their pigs Call Names.  This is done through the Information page of the pig when logged into the AKKPS Member Portal.  
  • Once a Call Name is “LOCKED”, it can never be unlocked even if the pig is transferred to another owner.  In addition, once “LOCKED” the owner can not unlock it as the call name is permanent.
  • If a member wants the Call Name Locked of a pig that is currently registered to them and the pig is being sold, make sure to Lock the Call Name prior to transferring the pig.
  • When a call name is changed, it is changed in the entire database and is reflected on all pedigrees the pig is associated with.
  • A duplicate pedigree is available at all times for any pig in a member's name.
  • The Call Name of a pig is not required for registration  and is more of a “fun” convenient feature of the Herd Book and Pedigree.
  • Changing a call name does not affect the integrity of the AKKPS Herd Book or an AKKPS Pedigree.
  • The Registered Name and AKKPS number of a pig are the 2 important items that make up the integrity and accuracy of the AKKPS Herd Book.
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