AKKPS Breeders & Members

AKKPS Member

AKKPS Exclusive Breeders List

The AKKPS Exclusive Breeders list contains AKKPS Members who exclusively litter notify and register with the AKKPS.  The list is audited twice a year and open to application year round.

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AKKPS Breeders & Members

The AKKPS Breeders & Members list contains all current AKKPS Breeders & Members.  The list is updated in real time and contains Breeders, Members & Enthusiasts.

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AKKPS Farm Advertisements, Past Members in the Spotlight & Show Sponsors

Farm Advertisements are included in AKKPS Member Dues and the benefit is available to all AKKPS Members.

AKKPS Members in the Spotlight - MAY 2024

10 AKKPS Members are randomly selected each month using a random number picker and have the opportunity to have their farm featured throughout the month on the AKKPS Members Only Facebook Page, the AKKPS Public Facebook Page, Instagram, on the AKKPS Website as well as in the monthly AKKPS Eblast.

AKKPS Sample Contract

The AKKPS strongly encourages all Buyers and Sellers to use a contract for all types of business transactions for all registration related sales.

AKKPS Public Herd Book

The AKKPS Herd Book is a compiled data base of all AKKPS registered and litter notified animals since the  conception of AKKPS in 2013.

A Buyers Guide to Purchasing an AKKPS Registered KuneKune

A guide to help buyers have a successful AKKPS registered KuneKune purchasing experience.

AKKPS Classifieds - KuneKunes for Sale

The AKKPS provides a classifieds section for AKKPS Members to advertise pigs they have for sale.  This includes all registration types.  Please use a contract when purchasing.

Disclaimer:  The AKKPS Breeders & Members listings, The AKKPS Exclusive Breeders listings, The AKKPS Members in the Spotlight, The AKKPS Member Farm Advertisements and The AKKPS Classifieds KuneKune for Sale on the AKKPS website are not an endorsements of members business practices or a guarantee of AKKPS Members completing AKKPS registration requirements.   AKKPS encourages all buyers to ask questions, consult references, and get a written contract of their agreement regarding registrations.

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