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A Transfer Registration is for KuneKunes that are currently registered with the AKKPS and are in the AKKPS Herd Book.   

  • All 3 types of AKKPS pedigrees (Animal for Harvest, Companion Animal, Full Registration) can be transferred to a new owner.
  • The Buyer does not need to be an AKKPS member if the transfer is done by the Seller.
  • There are 2 ways to complete a Transfer Registration:
  1. The current owner in the AKKPS Herd Book completes the transfer registration to the new owner by logging into the AKKPS Member Portal.  The owner does not need the original pedigree since the owner is completing the transfer.  The current owner must be a current AKKPS Member.
  2. The current owner in the AKKPS Herd Book with the original AKKPS registration papers (screenshots of the Herd Book are not accepted) signs anywhere on the front of the registration and the new owner can complete the transfer with AKKPS.  The new owner must be an AKKPS Member to complete the transfer by logging into the AKKPS Members Portal and completing the transfer paperwork.  A duplicate pedigree can be obtained by the current owner in the AKKPS Herd Book by the AKKPS Member logging into the member section of the AKKPS website and printing a duplicate certificate.  The current owner does not need to be an AKKPS member.

Purchasing a Registered KuneKune at Auction

  • KuneKunes purchased at auction must have the original AKKPS registration certificate that is signed by the current owner in the AKKPS Herd Book.
  • If the original registration certificate is not signed, the bill of sale from the auction house should have the AKKPS number or ID method matching the registration certificate.
  • If no registration certificate is given to the purchaser, AKKPS can not transfer the animal.
  • If the AKKPS registration certificate is not signed or the bill of sale does not contain the ID number, AKKPS will work with the buyer to contact the owner in the AKKPS Herd Book to get the animal transferred.
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